Edens Garden vs Revive

“Edens Garden” and “Revive” are both essential oil brands that offer a variety of essential oils and related products. These brands are known for their commitment to producing high-quality, pure essential oils, but they have some differences in their product offerings and approach. Here’s a comparison of Edens Garden and Revive:

Edens Garden:

  1. Product Range: Edens Garden offers a wide range of single essential oils and essential oil blends. They also provide other aromatherapy products, such as diffusers, carrier oils, and accessories.
  2. Purity and Quality: Edens Garden is committed to providing pure, high-quality essential oils. They use third-party testing to ensure the quality and purity of their oils. Many of their products are 100% pure and free from additives.
  3. Affordability: Edens Garden is often considered a more budget-friendly option for purchasing essential oils compared to some other brands. They provide quality oils at a lower price point.
  4. Transparency: They provide detailed information about the sourcing, testing, and quality of their oils, which can be valuable for customers who want to know more about the products they are purchasing.


  1. Product Range: Revive offers a range of single essential oils, essential oil blends, roll-on oils, and other related products. They also have a line of products designed to mimic popular and expensive essential oil blends, offering them at more affordable prices.
  2. Quality Control: Revive focuses on providing pure essential oils and emphasizes third-party testing to verify the quality of their oils. They also claim to source their oils from reputable suppliers.
  3. Duplication of Popular Blends: Revive is known for offering essential oil blends that are similar in composition to well-known, high-end essential oil brands. This approach allows customers to access comparable products at a lower cost.
  4. Savings Programs: Revive offers a subscription program that can provide additional savings for customers who frequently purchase essential oils.
Edens Garden vs Revive


  • Price: Edens Garden is often considered more affordable and offers competitive pricing for high-quality oils. Revive, on the other hand, is known for offering alternatives to expensive blends at a lower cost.
  • Product Range: Both brands offer a wide range of essential oils and related products, but Revive’s focus on duplicating popular blends may be a unique feature that appeals to some customers.
  • Quality: Both brands emphasize third-party testing and purity in their essential oils.


Ultimately, your choice between Edens Garden and Revive may depend on your specific needs, budget, and whether you’re looking for affordable alternatives to popular essential oil blends. It’s essential to read product descriptions, check for third-party testing information, and consider your personal preferences when choosing essential oils from these brands.

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